Live from Holiday Spirit

Nov 25
Live from Holiday Spirit

Singer and Motivational Speaker Sara Westbrook will be leading us in song on Saturday November 26 at the Kids Safety Village Holiday Spirit.

​Check out this interview​ from CKDO Radio.

Sara Westbrook is the creator of UPower. She's a motivational speaker, author & singer who specializes in Resilience, Confidence and Respect.

Life can bring up challenging circumstances that are not always in our control. The good news is we are in control of our choices – how we choose to act, react and what we choose to believe. Our power lies within our choices. I call this power our UPower.

Having performed my UPower Presentations to over 200,000 students and parents, I have learned that by being transparent and honest I make a quick connection with my audience. I use my personal stories and songs to share skills that allow my audience to take back their own UPower and build their Resilience, Confidence and Mental Well-Being.